Cromer Lifeboat Number One Station

DateCasualtyLives SavedMore
ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat
22/09/2017Yacht BLUES AWAY, 1 person and craft brought in PHOTO
19/09/2017Cabin cruiser LADY C, 2 people and craft brought in  
06/07/2017Motor cruiser DOUBLE TROUBLE, gave help PHOTO
12/04/2017Fishing vessel RORY JAMES, escorted vessel PHOTO
04/02/2017Support vessel RESOLUTE, gave help PHOTO
04/07/2016Fishing vessel LADY CINDERELLA, gave help PHOTO
05/06/2016Yacht JENNY, gave help PHOTO
10/03/2016Yacht SUMMER WIND, gave help  
13/01/2016Cargo vessel ELBETOR, gave help and landed 12 firemen MAP
23/07/2015Yacht SEA WANDERER, gave help MAP, PHOTO
29/05/2015Yacht RUBY, 2 people and craft brought in MAP, PHOTO
30/04/2014Rig ENDURANCE, landed a sick man  
18/10/2013Fishing vessel EARLY BIRD, gave help  
ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat
16/07/2013Yacht SPIRIT OF PHIL, 2 people and craft brought in  PHOTO
26/05/2013Yacht GLAVA, 2 people and craft brought in  
26/05/2013Fishing vessel NOVANTAE, 3 people and craft brought in  
17/03/2013Fishing vessel EBONNIE, 4 people and craft brought in  
21/11/2012Windfarm support catamaran ISLAND PANTHER, took out a doctor  
19/09/2012Ex-fishing trawler SCOTIA W, gave help  
28/06/2012Yacht ALOYSIA, 1 person and craft brought in  
09/01/2012Salvage vessel PUTFORD ACHILLES, landed an injured man  
04/09/2011Man working on Sheringham Shoal windfarm, took out a doctor and landed an injured man  
21/08/2011Injured man on board windfarm sub-station OS1, gave help  
17/08/2011Yacht VERUS AMICA, 4 people and craft brought in  
ON 1293 VICTOR FREEMAN - Relief Lifeboat
11/06/2011Dive boat SEAHAWK, 8 people and craft brought in  
19/05/2011Yacht SKUA IV, 1 person and craft brought in   
ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat
12/11/2010Fishing vessel FRUITFUL HARVEST III, escorted vessel  
17/10/2010Survey vessel OCEAN DRAGON, escorted vessel  
12/09/2010Dive boat PRICELESS, 3 people and craft brought in  
02/08/2010Yacht ESSEX SKIPPER, 2 people and craft brought in  
26/04/2010Barge JUST JOYCE, 3 people and craft brought in  
26/04/2010Yacht RUNIC, gave help  
15/10/2009Yacht ROSEANNA, 1 person and craft brought in  
03/08/2009Fishing vessel ICENI, 2 people and craft brought in  
24/07/2009Yacht SURPRISE, gave help  
12/07/2009Yacht TOMAHAWK, 2 people and craft brought in  
12/07/2009Jet ski, 1 person and craft brought in  
11/07/2008Yacht CLOUD NINE, gave help  
29/06/2008Powerboat SILVERLINE, 3 people and craft brought in  
10/05/2008Catamaran LEYLA, 2 people and craft brought in  
29/04/2008Injured man on board barge UR101, landed an injured man  
14/01/2008Cargo vessel CITY OF SUNDERLAND, stood by  
ON 1162 ROYAL SHIPWRIGHT Relief Lifeboat
18/08/2007Dive Support Vessel SEA HAWK, escorted craft  
30/07/2007Yacht MOONSTONE, escorted craft  
14/07/2007Sloop HYDRA, 4 people and craft brought in  
24/06/2007Tug HT BLADE, gave help   
10/05/2007Ex-fishing vessel ANNELISE, 2 people and craft brought in  
23/10/2005Rig support vessel IONA, landed an injured man  
07/08/2005Yacht AROSA, 3 people and craft brought in.  PHOTO
18/06/2005Dive support craft WRECKLESS, 4 people and craft brought in  PHOTO
28/05/2005Motor cruiser SCOOBY DOO 2, 2 people and craft brought in  
16/05/2005Motor cruiser JESTER, 3 people landed and craft brought in  
27/08/2004Motor cruiser FIDDLERS GREEN, escorted craft  
15/08/2004Sick man on board motor cruiser DOOBY SOO, gave help - transferred casualty to helicopter  
19/07/2004Motor cruiser OROVIDA, gave help  
07/07/2004Yacht MARIE-LOUISE, 2 people landed and craft saved.  PHOTO
28/06/2004Yacht SULI SULI, craft brought in  
27/06/2004Yacht SULI SULI, 1 person and craft brought in  
03/03/2004Fishing vessel SERENE DAWN, 2 people and craft brought in  
15/02/2004Fishing boat LISA DIANE, stood by  
07/09/2003Sloop JUST JOIA, gave help  
ON 1095 ST CYBI II (CS No.40) Relief Lifeboat
26/07/2003Yacht BLACK DUCK, gave help  
24/05/2003Yacht RAMBLING ROSE, gave help  
07/05/2003Ketch NGATAKI, 3 people and craft brought in  
ON 1138 LORD SAULTON Relief Lifeboat
05/07/2002Dive boat GUDIVAR, three people and craft brought in  
20/06/2002Cabin cruiser ONE CHANCE, 2 people and craft brought in  
20/06/2002Whale, gave help  
29/04/2002Coaster ALSERBACH, stood by  
13/03/2002Tug JACK ROSE, 3 people landed and craft brought in  
09/01/2002Fishing vessel ZUIDER ZEE, gave help  
05/06/2001Powerboat WHIRLWIND, 2 people and craft brought in  
17/05/2001Rowing boat MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, saved boat and1 
25/02/2001Tanker ZANITA, escorted boat  
14/01/2001Tug GOLDEN CROSS, 4 people and vessel brought in  
10/07/2000Ex-trawler EXCELSIOR, saved vessel and9 
16/06/2000Dive support craft CRUSADER, 4 people and a dog landed and craft brought in  
27/05/2000Yacht COQUETTE, escorted boat  
11/03/2000Passenger ferry NORSTAR, stood by  
22/12/1999Body in sea, gave help  
16/12/1999Powerboat SAMPHIRE, of Wells, gave help  
03/10/1999Yacht LADY PATIENCE, gave help  
10/09/1999Yacht HALCYON OAK, 2 people and craft brought in  
10/07/1999Six divers, landed 6  
10/07/1999Dive support craft DESERT MOON, 8 people and craft brought in  
ON 1189 HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN Relief Lifeboat
05/12/1998Fishing vessel OCEAN EXPLORER, escorted vessel  
06/11/1998Yacht TANGE, of Whitby, saved craft and3 
23/09/1998Cabin cruiser KIRKVIK, gave help  
04/09/1998Helicopter, gave help  
16/08/1998Yacht CHRISTINA 2, saved craft and3 
12/08/1998Yacht ONLY ME, gave help  
17/04/1998Pipeline guard vessel LAURIDS SKOMAGER, 4 landed and craft brought in  
09/07/1997Diver support craft CRUSADER, escorted craft  
16/03/1997Cargo vessel OAKLAND, gave help  
25/02/1997RoRo cargo vessel INOWROCLAW, gave help  
15/08/1996Motor cruiser OCEAN DIVER, saved craft and3 
24/07/1996Yacht GISELLE, saved craft and2 
21/07/1996Two divers, gave help  
23/04/1996Motor cruiser BLUE LANCER, two persons and craft brought in  
01/04/1996Fishing vessel JULIET, one person and craft brought in  
05/07/1995Diving support ship OCEAN STEPHANITURM, stood by boat  
27/06/1995Salvage vessel PUTFORD PUFFIN, took out doctor and landed a sick man  
12/03/1995Cargo vessel NORDSTAR in collision, escorted vessel  
22/09/1994Cargo vessel NESCIO, took out doctor and landed an injured man  
30/07/1994Two skin divers, landed 2  
28/07/1994Motor cruiser HEATHER DOWN, gave help  
07/12/1993Rig standby vessel ST LOUIS, stood by  
05/11/1993Cargo vessel DANIELLA, gave help  
13/10/1993Yacht HAPPY BEAR, saved boat and5 
05/12/1992Yacht MILFORD, of Otley, saved boat, 2 dogs, and1 
24/10/1992Barge ROCK, gave help  
14/10/1992Fishing vessel ISOBEL KATHLEEN, saved boat and4 
21/08/1992Gas survey vessel FORTISSIMO, landed 3 and saved vessel  
29/07/1992Yacht CHEROKEE II, gave help  
20/07/1992Yacht ILLYRIA, saved boat and1 
10/06/1992Yacht TASSELLA, gave help  
19/02/1992Sick man on board vessel BRESSAY SOUND, landed a sick man  
12/01/1992Motor boat SARA B, escorted vessel  
21/11/1990Cargo vessel STAVROULA, gave help  
16/09/1990Fishing vessel MAR TIGRE, stood by vessel  
30/08/1990Floating drifting rig ROWVILLE, gave help  
06/08/1990Standby safety vessel ST MARK, saved 2 vessels boats  
20/06/1990Yacht MEANDER, gave help  
06/05/1990Motor boat, escorted boat  
10/10/1989Fishing vessel DE VROUN MELANIE, of Lowestoft, stood by vessel  
30/06/1989Yacht SERENA, saved boat and2 
30/06/1989Yacht MARTLET, saved boat and2 
13/05/1989Fishing boats, escorted boats  
14/02/1989RoRo cargo vessel TOR GOTHIA, of Sweden, gave help  
01/10/1988Fishing vessel COURAGEOUS, of Inverness, gave help  
29/09/1988Yacht PHAEDRA, of Whitby, saved boat and2 
19/09/1988Fishing boat G.N.D., of Yarmouth, escorted boat  
29/08/1988Skindivers, landed 5  
04/08/1988Fishing vessel EVER HOPEFUL, of Yarmouth, gave help  
23/07/1988Fishing vessel TWO SISTERS, saved boat and1 
17/07/1988Lost diver, gave help  
15/07/1988Coaster LUMINENCE, gave help  
10/07/1988Yacht KASS-A-NOVA, saved vessel and4 
15/06/1988Fishing vessel SPARKLING STAR, saved boat and3 
08/02/1988Tug ANNA B, gave help  
ON 1075 SAM AND JOAN WOODS Relief Lifeboat
04/06/1987Fishing vessel SONJAN, of Peterhead, gave help  
26/09/1986Yacht BLYTHE ANDORA, gave help  
29/08/1986Fishing vessel NICHOLAS, of London, saved boat and2 
24/01/1986Tanker ORLEANS, of Lowestoft, gave help  
24/01/1986Rig standby safety vesssl BOSTON SEA STALLION, of Lowestoft, escorted  
ON 926 GUY AND CLARE HUNTER Relief Lifeboat
29/09/1985Motor boat, saved boat and2 
28/09/1985Sick man on board diving support vessel ORELIA, of Aberdeen, landed sick man  
19/08/1985Cabin cruiser MOBY DICK, gave help  
11/08/1985Rafts, saved30 
28/07/1985Yacht HELM SPRAY III, saved boat and2 
22/07/1985Fishing vessel, gave help  
15/07/1985Fishing boat SARAH JANE, of Great Yarmouth, gave help  
13/05/1985Fishing boats, escorted  
04/04/1985Cargo vessel KLAAS I, of Panama, stood by vessel  
04/09/1984Fishing boat PROVIDER, of Gt. Yarmouth, escorted boat  
15/08/1984Injured man on board cargo vessel EMILY P G, of Shoreham, landed an injured man  
13/07/1984Fishing boat G.N.D., of Great Yarmouth, saved boat and2 
12/07/1984Aircraft, recovered aircraft  
09/05/1984Sick man on board cargo vessel MARIE ANNE, of West Germany, landed a sick man  
15/02/1984Cargo vessel CAMILLA WESTON, of London, landed 5  
12/07/1983Injured man on board fishing boat VENTURA, of West Runton, landed an injured man  
12/12/1982Motor boat TRADE WINDS, saved boat and3 
21/09/1982Fishing vessels PROVIDER, of Cromer, and ELIZABETH KATHLEEN, of Wells, escorted  
17/09/1982Skin diver, gave help  
30/11/1981Oil rig supply vessel THE CUTTLEFISH, saved2 
13/08/1981Helicopter, gave help  
02/08/1981Cabin cruisers LANCER and FLACON, gave help  
02/06/1981Fishing boat PROVIDER, of Great Yarmouth, gave help  
30/01/1981CV EMS, of West Germany, and CV UNDINE, of Belgium in collision, recovered liferaft  
23/06/1980Motor cruiser JENNY GLEN, of Kings Lynn, saved boat and2 
03/05/1980Motor fishing vessel BESS, of Denmark, saved boat and4 
08/04/1980Fishing boats, escorted boats  
17/01/1980Cargo vessel LENDOUDIS EVANGELOS, of Greece, gave help  
05/01/1980Fishing vessel ELLEN, of Great Yarmouth, gave help  
20/06/1979Oil rig standby vessel BOSTON HORNET, of Lowestoft, took out doctor and landed sick man  
06/06/1979Yacht VICTORIA GEORGE, gave help  
06/06/1979Tug ENGLISHMAN, stood by vessel  
22/05/1979Missing crewman from fishing vessel CONCORDE II, landed a body  
06/03/1979Haisborough Light-vessel, took out doctor & landed injured man saving1 
04/09/1978Fishing boat CHARLES PERKINS, gave help  
16/08/1978Fishing boat, gave help  
24/12/1977Cargo vessel RAFAELA, of Panama, stood by vessel  
14/11/1977Cargo vessel NIMROD, of Jersey, saved1 
09/09/1977Yacht AUTUMN LIZ, gave help  
27/07/1977Injured man on board cargo vessel HEYE-P, of West Germany, gave help  
18/04/1977Cargo vessel STAR RIVER, of France, gave help  
18/03/1977Cargo vessel FEMMY LIAN, of Cyprus, gave help  
24/02/1977Chemical carrier THORODLAND, of Panama, stood by vessel  
22/02/1977Catamaran KATABATIC, gave help  
19/02/1977Cargo vessel ATLANTIC DUKE, stood by vessel  
18/10/1976Fishing boat SEA GREEN, gave help  
15/09/1976Yacht MR MICAWBER, saved boat and2 
18/08/1976Injured man on board Haisborough Light-vessel, landed an injured man  
07/08/1976Fishing vessel ALBERT, saved vessel and2 
23/06/1976Cargo vessel GARDEN SATURN, stood by vessel  
06/02/1976Injured man on board trawler SUFFOLK CONQUEST, took out doctor  
14/12/1975Freighter ALEXANDRIA, stood by vessel  
12/12/1975Freighter ALEXANDRIA, stood by vessel  
26/10/1975Cruiser ANDRUSS, saved boat and2 
08/09/1975Yacht IRISHMAN, of The Netherlands, saved boat and10 
22/05/1975Sick man on board H.M.S.SHEVINGTON, gave help  
21/02/1975Cargo vessel FORTUNA II, landed an injured man  
01/11/1974Injured man on board motor vessel DUTCH SAILOR, landed an injured man  
09/09/1974Motor vessel LANGSTONE TERN, escorted boat  
31/08/1974Sick man on board light-vessel LV.22, landed a sick man  
ON 821 THE GOOD HOPE Reserve Lifeboat
02/03/1974Motor fishing vessel HENRI JEANINE, of Belgium, stood by vessel  
06/02/1974Container ship LEILA, of West Germany, in tow of T H V PATRICIA, escorted  
04/01/1974Fishing boat AMANDA ANN YH.443, of Yarmouth, gave help  
03/01/1974Fishing boat THE DUNCAN, of Yarmouth, escorted boat  
30/11/1973Fishing vessel KATRINA ANN R.91, saved4 
15/11/1973Injured man on board fishing trawler BOSTON JAGUAR, of Lowestoft, took out doctor  
05/11/1973Crab boat, escorted boat  
22/03/1973Motor vessel SILVER SANDS, of London, landed a sick man1 
25/10/1972Fishing boat PROVIDER, of Cromer, saved boat and4 
12/09/1972Cabin cruiser NEW PRINCE OF WALES, saved cruiser and3 
21/08/1972Fishing boat COSSACK, of Gt. Yarmouth, saved boat and4 
20/05/1972Trawler BOSTON VISCOUNT, of Lowestoft, landed injured man  
05/05/1972Two fishing boats, stood by vessels  
13/06/1971Yacht GENTLE NIMBUS, gave help  
15/05/1971Cabin cruiser NADINE LEAH, gave help  
12/11/1970Fishing boat MY BEAUTY, of Cromer, escorted boat  
26/06/1970Motor fishing boat NORMANBY, of Bridlington, gave help  
21/05/1969Pipe laying vessel W. D. TIDEWAY, of London, landed sick man  
10/05/1969Motor fishing boat KINDLY LIGHT, gave help  
22/01/1969Motor fishing boat THISTLE, saved boat and3 
14/01/1969Trawler SUFFOLK KINSMAN, of Lowestoft, landed a sick man  
03/01/1969Motor vessel FRIEDERIKE, of Brake, landed a sick man  
15/11/1968Gas rig HEWITT ALPHA, gave help  
18/09/1968Trawler ROCK FISH, of Lowestoft, took out a doctor  
30/08/1968Yacht STILALISANIN, landed 1 and saved yacht  
23/08/1968Trawler FILBY QUEEN, of Lowestoft, landed sick man  
11/07/1968Motor vessel RAMSO, of Copenhagen, escorted vessel  
30/06/1968Cabin cruiser SHE'S A LADY, assisted to save cruiser and3 
13/05/1968Tug WORKMAN, of Hull, stood by tug with warhead on board  
11/05/1968Fishing boat PROVIDER, of Gt Yarmouth, saved boat and2 
31/03/1968Steamship ALICE BOWATER, of London, landed a sick man saving1 
02/03/1968Motor launch PINNACE, of Poole, saved launch and2 
04/02/1968Dinghy, saved dinghy and3 
19/12/1967Trawler ROTHA, of Lowestoft, landed a sick man saving1 
29/10/1967Motor vessel ASSURITY, of London, landed a sick man saving1 
10/10/1967Crab boat LEWIS JAMES, of Cromer, gave help  
03/09/1967Haisborough light-vessel, landed a sick man  
20/07/1967Motor vessel ALME. of Meppel, took out a doctor  
04/07/1967Motor fishing vessel RENOVATE, stood by vessel  
ON 840 HENRY BLOGG Lifeboat
03/04/1966Oil rig CONSTELLATION, stood by rig  
16/01/1966Steam salvage tug OCTOPUS, of Ijmuiden, escorted vessel  
16/01/1966Motor vessel START, of Groningen, escorted vessel  
28/12/1965Oil rig SEA GEM, stood by  
05/07/1964Yacht SALLY BROWN, of Boston, saved yacht and2 
11/03/1964Motor vessel JOIKA, of Oslo, gave help  
23/12/1963Motor fishing boat FOUR BROTHERS, of Lowestoft, gave help  
11/06/1963Motor vessel WARWICKBROOK, of London, put a doctor onboard  
12/05/1963Sailing dinghy, saved dinghy and1 
09/04/1963Haisborough light-vessel, landed a sick man  
24/11/1962Motor vessel VISCOUNT, of Groningen, gave help  
02/11/1962HM Survey vessel SCOTT, landed a sick man  
23/09/1962Yacht ELIZABETH ANN, saved yacht and4 
29/05/1962Cabin cruiser MAYFLY, saved cruiser and5 
08/03/1961Motor vessel CORSTAN, of London, landed a sick man  
16/02/1961Haisborough Light-vessel, gave help  
16/02/1961Steam tanker WAVE CHIEF, of London, gave help  
03/08/1960Rubber mattress, saved1 
11/07/1960Steam trawler CRADOCK, of Grimsby, gave help  
31/12/1959Aircraft, landed a body from motor vessel BROUGHTY, of Dundee  
06/09/1959Motor launch GAY CRUSADER, of London, saved boat and8 
17/08/1959Yacht, saved yacht and2 
27/08/1958Yacht WIMA, of Rochester, gave help  
31/05/1958RNLB FORESTERS' CENTENARY, of Sheringham, gave help  
ON 728 CUNARD Reserve Lifeboat
02/03/1958MV CONTINENTAL, of Hamburg, landed 5 from MV WANSBECK, of Newcastle  
02/02/1958Steamship HUDSON BANK, of London, took out doctor and landed injured man, saving1 
ON 840 HENRY BLOGG Lifeboat
26/10/1957Trawler JOHN WILLMENT, of Lowestoft, took out a doctor  
23/09/1957Fishing boat BRITANNIA, of Cromer, saved boat and2 
09/09/1957Sailing dinghy, saved dinghy  
10/08/1956Yacht AMBIDA, of Hull, saved yacht and7 
19/02/1956Steamship COLCHESTER, of London, landed a body  
02/09/1955Bathers with rubber tyre, saved3 
15/10/1954Fishing boat WHY WORRY, of Cromer, saved boat and2 
02/10/1954Cromer light-vessel, landed a sick man, saving1 
11/06/1953Sea Cadet Motor vessel NOROK, of Goole, saved vessel and16 
23/11/1952Steamship GROVE HILL, of Middlesborough, gave help  
26/10/1952Steamship ASK, of Bergen, gave help  
01/08/1952Motor yacht ZIPPALONG, of Boston, gave help  
24/07/1952Meteor aeroplane, gave help  
09/01/1951Cabin cruiser DIMCYL, of Lowestoft, gave help  
21/11/1950Barge THYRA, of Rochester, gave help  
19/11/1949Steamship SUNTRAP, of London, landed an injured man  
04/10/1949Yacht MARJELLEN, gave help  
20 - 21/12/1948Motor vessel BOSPHORUS, of Oslo, assisted to save vessel and37 
10/12/1948Motor trawler GEORGES LANGANAY, of Fécamp, assisted to save vessel and19 
02/09/1948Rubber dinghy, saved dinghy and1 
25 - 31/08/1948Steamship MONTE NURIA, of Bilbao, stood by and gave help  
07/08/1948Rubber dinghy, saved dinghy and1 
08/07/1948Motor vessel FRANCOIS TIXIER, of Dunkirk, saved16 
23/04/1948Motor yacht SWITHA, of Inverness, gave help  
04/01/1948Steam trawler BALMORAL, of Grimsby, gave help and saved11 
07/03/1946Steamship CORCREST, of London, assisted to save vessel and22 
ON 777 H F BAILEY Lifeboat
04/02/1945Motor fishing vessel VALDER, of Hartlepool, gave help  
07 - 10/12/1944Steamship SAMNETHY, of London, saved52 
29/07/1944Aeroplanes, salvaged gear  
20/06/1944Aeroplane, salvaged wreckage  
26/07/1943Aeroplane, saved5 
12/03/1943Barrage balloon, salved balloon  
18/11/1942Motor fishing boat SILVER QUEEN, of Lowestoft, saved boat and2 
20/07/1942Aeroplane, gave help  
25/05/1942Yacht BETTY, of Gorleston, gave help  
11/04/1942British aeroplane, landed 6  
15/03/1942HMS VORTIGERN, picked up 11 bodies  
02/02/1942Motor vessel SEDULITY, of London, landed an injured man  
29/01/1942Aeroplane dinghy, saved1 
26/10/1941Steamship ENGLISH TRADER, of London, saved44 
16/10/1941British aircraft, landed a body  
23/09/1941Steamship J B PADDON, of London, landed an injured man  
17/09/1941 - 06/11/1941Steamship TEDDINGTON, of London, gave help on 22 occasions  
15/09/1941Motor vessel PONTFIELD, of Newcastle, gave help  
06/08/1941Steamship OXSHOTT, of London, saved16 
06/08/1941Steamship GALLOIS, of Rouen, saved31 
06/08/1941Steamship DEERWOOD, of Lodon, saved19 
06/08/1941Steamship BETTY HINDLEY, saved22 
24/07/1941Aircraft, saved dinghy and picked up a body  
26/03/1941Steamship KENTWOOD, of London, stood by  
14/03/1941Steamship ESSEX LANCE, of London, gave help  
13/03/1941Steamship ESSEX LANCE, of London, gave help  
08/03/1941Boat from steamship CORDUFF, of London, saved13 
08/03/1941Steamship KENTON, of Newcastle, saved two boats  
25/01/1941Steamship MERIONES, of Liverpool, saved101 
15/01/1941Steamship LIEUTENANT ROBERT MORY, of Belfast, landed 19 and gave help  
12/12/1940Steamship ROYSTON, of Newcastle, gave help  
07/12/1940Steamship ROYSTON, of Newcastle, stood by  
25/11/1940H M Trawler DUNGENESS, salvaged gear  
15/11/1940H M Trawler DUNGENESS, saved11 
03/10/1940Motor vessel ACTUOSITY, of London, saved8 
27/08/1940Aircraft, salved wreckage and gear  
ON 694 J B PROUDFOOT Reserve Lifeboat
16/06/1940Steamship BRIKA, of Swansea, assisted to save vessel  
ON 777 H F BAILEY Lifeboat
30/01/1940Steam trawler PELTON, of Grimsby, gave help  
18/01/1940Steamship ASTERIA, of Piraeus, saved11 
18/01/1940Light-vessel NO.85, saved a ship's boat and4 
12/01/1940Light-vessel NO.85, saved a ship's boat and3 
11/01/1940Steamship TRAVIATA, of Genoa, landed 30 and saved1 
11/01/1940H M Trawler HOLYROOD, gave help  
09/01/1940Steamship UPMINSTER, of London, stood by vessel  
21/12/1939Motor vessel DOSINIA, of London, assisted to save vessel and51 
12/12/1939Steamship CORBROOK, of London, stood by vessel  
08/12/1939Steamship COREA, of Goole, saved7 
01/12/1939Steamship REALF, of Moss, landed 32 and 10 naval ratings from SANTA GATA  
09/10/1939Steamship MOUNT IDA, of Piraeus, saved29 
18/05/1939Rowing boat, of Cromer, landed 5  
27/12/1938Steamship OTTO H, of Pori, rendered assistance  
02/11/1938Steamship CANTABRIA, of Santander, saved5 
07/08/1938Motor vessel JOHN M, of London, stood by vessel  
30/05/1938Fishing boat G V H, of Great Yarmouth, saved boat and2 
10/02/1938Fishing boat URGENT, of Cromer, stood by boat  
09/11/1937Spritsail barge HIBERNIA, of London, saved3 
19/11/1936Steamship YEW FOREST, of Glasgow, took out a doctor  
19/11/1936Steamship LINDISFARNE, of Newcastle, rendered assistance  
18/11/1936Steam drifter PITAGAVENY, of Banff, saved10 
16 - 18/11/1936Steamship NESTTUN, of Tridestrand, rendered assistance  
07 - 11/08/1936Steamship SAN FRANCISCO, of Havre, rendered assistance  
20/04/1936Barge WILL EVERARD, of London, stood by vessel  
02/04/1936Fishing boat LITTLE MADGE, of Sheringham, in tow of life-boat J C MADGE, of Sheringham, and fishing boats JOHN ROBERT and WHITE ROSE of Cromer, stood by boats  
26/03/1936Steamship BORÉE, of Caen, landed 7 from steamship CADUCEUS  
ON 694 H F BAILEY Lifeboat
31/05/1935Three-masted schooner SIX SISTERS, of Hull, rendered assistance  
13/02/1935Steamship CAMPUS, of Cardiff, assisted to save vessel and29 
24/11/1934Motor barge RIAN, of Groningen, rendered assistance  
13/12/1933Barge SEPOY, of Dover, saved2 
20/11/1933Motor barge GOLDCROWN, of London, rendered assistance  
01/03/1933Steamship MARY KINGSLEY, of London, rendered assistance  
28/11/1932Barge MATILDA UPTON of Ipswich, assisted to save vessel and3 
14/10/1932 - 16/11/1932Steamship MONTE NEVOSO, of Genoa, saved29 
14 - 16/10/1932Steam tug NOORDZEE, of Rotterdam, saved from MONTE NEVOSO1 
11/10/1932Steam drifter ALEXANDRINE, of Boulogne, stood by and gave help  
03/09/1932Motor barge OLIVE MAY, of London, rendered assistance  
07/08/1932Motor trawler IVERNA, of Galway, rendered assistance  
24/12/1931Steamship VIKVALL, of Oskarshamn, rendered assistance  
20 - 22/11/1931Steamship ZEMBRA, of Dunkirk, saved vessel  
04/10/1931Steam trawler LE VIEUX TIGRE, of Boulogne, rendered assistance  
17/02/1931Fishing boat WELCOME HOME, of Sheringham, saved1 
21/10/1930Steam drifter GIRL EVELYN, of Fraserburgh, assisted to save vessel  
22/11/1929Motor yacht CELIA, of Bridlington, landed 2  
30/10/1929Four-masted schooner SVENBORG, of Vardo, stood by vessel  
28/06/1929River steamship EMPRESS, of Nottingham, saved vessel and3 
ON 714 H F BAILEY II Lifeboat
11/12/1928Schooner THURSONIAN, of Wick, saved5 
ON 694 H F BAILEY Lifeboat
25/01/1928Ketch HAROLD, of London, assisted to save vessel and3 
30/11/1927Lighter BERTHA, of Goole, saved4 
21 - 22/11/1927Steam tanker GEORGIA, of Rotterdam, saved15 
09/07/1927Steam trawler ANSON, of Grimsby, saved trawler and9 
14/10/1925Barge SCOTIA, of London, assisted to save vessel and3 
12/06/1925Steamship EQUITY, of Goole, rendered assistance  
19/04/1925Steam drifter COURONNE, of Lowestoft, saved8 
27/12/1924Smiths Knoll Light-vessel, rendered assistance  
05/12/1924Steamship VOJVODA PUTNIK, of Split, assisted to save vessel and41 
22/10/1924Steamship CLANSMAN, of Lowestoft, saved9 
22/09/1924Auxiliary fishing cutter IONA, of Middlesborough, landed 4 from Haisborough light-vessel  
ON 670 H F BAILEY Lifeboat
01/01/1924Steamship NEPHRITE, of Glasgow, assisted to save vessel and12 
19/07/1923Smack HEPATICA, of Lowestoft, assisted to save vessel  
21/04/1923Steamship NYSTRAND, of Skien, stood by  
14/01/1923Steam trawler LORD CECIL, of Grimsby, assisted to save vessel  
10 - 14/10/1920Steamship INVERAWE, of Leith, stood by and assisted to save vessel  
06/09/1920Motor launch DOT, saved launch and2 
20 - 21/08/1920Steamship BAVARIA, of Cologne, rendered assistance  
24/06/1920Motor schooner DANEFOLK, of Copenhagen, assisted to save vessel and23 
30/11/1919Steamship RÉFRIGÉRANT, of Lorient (ex WAR COPPICE, of London), rendered assistance  
17 - 19/11/1919HM Hired Steam Trawler GENERAL BOTHA, of Aberdeen, assisted to save vessel  
30/09/1918 - 01/10/1918Steamship INNA, of Sunderland, assisted to save vessel and1 
25 - 26/02/1918Motor barge INNISBEG, of Glasgow, assisted to save barge and5 
26/12/1917Steamship POLLCREA, of London, gave help  
21/12/1917Motor fishing boat ADMIRAL JELLICOE, of Yarmouth, stood by  
27/11/1917Steamship KRONPRINSESSAN VICTOIRE, of Hangesund, saved6 
09/01/1917Steamship PYRIN, of Pyraeus, saved16 
09 - 10/01/1917Steamship FERNEBO, of Gothenburg, saved11 
21/12/1916Fishing lugger CHIEFTAIN, of Cromer, saved3 
30/08/1916Steamship MITCHAM, of London, saved22 
28/03/1916Schooner ANN, of Goole, saved5 
16 - 17/03/1916Steamship LADY LONDONDERRY, of Sunderland, assisted to save vessel  
14/01/1916Steamship HAVFRU, of Christiania, saved1 
17 - 18/09/1915Steamship MIMONA, of Frederikstad, assisted to save vessel  
27/05/1915Steamship BODIL, of Esbjerg, saved14 
27 - 28/03/1915Steamship IDA, of Hangesund, assisted to save vessel  
18 - 20/01/1915Ketch THOMAS STRATTON, of Maldon, assisted to save ketch and4 
08 - 09/01/1915Steamship NEW OPORTO, of West Hartlepool, saved7 
06/05/1913Fishing boats KATIE, HARRIET and JOHN & MARY, of Palling, saved boats and 9MAP, PHOTO
27/02/1913Ketch INDUSTRY, of Hull, assisted to save vessel  
27/11/1912Hoveller JAMES AND ELLEN, of Yarmouth, stood by while beaching  
29/08/1912Trawler ST ANTOINE DE PADOUE, of Nieuport, landed 21 from Haisborough light-vessel  
04/12/1911Ship WALKURE, of Hamburg, gave help  
17/12/1910Schooner DESDEMONA, of Thurso, assisted to save vessel and5 
20/04/1910Steamship HAAKON, of Arendal, stood by  
15/02/1910Barge RESURGA, of London, gave help  
21/12/1909Barquentine ALBATROSS, of Lowestoft, saved8 
23/11/1909Barque ALF, of Laurvig, saved2 
24/10/1908Lugger JOHN ROBERT, of Yarmouth, gave help  
01/03/1908Barque LODORE, of Liverpool, stood by and gave help  
14/12/1907Barge BRITISHER, of London, stood by and gave help  
11/02/1907Steamship ATBARA, of London, saved12 
17 - 18/09/1906Schooner ZUMA, of Wisbeach, assisted to save vessel and9 
01/02/1906Steamship NEWBURN, of Newcastle, stood by  
08/12/1904Five fishing boats, of Cromer, stood by  
08 - 10/10/1904Steamship ROSALIND, of Newcastle, stood by, and assisted to save vessel and17 
28 - 31/12/1903Steamship ENRIQUETTA, of Grangemouth, stood by  
17/02/1901Steamship CELERITY, of Yarmouth, saved vessel and7 
03/12/1897Ketch HERO, of Goole, saved4 
28 - 29/12/1894Schooner FAIR CITY, of Gloucester, stood by and gave help  
26/10/1894Five fishing boats, landed 17  
18/11/1893A fishing boat of Overstrand, saved5 
18/11/1893A fishing boat of Runton, saved3 
28/01/1888Brigantine JANE MARIA, of London, saved7 
20/11/1879Steamship MOIDART, of Glasgow, stood by  
20/11/1879do., stood by  
10/04/1879Sloop HESPERUS, of Copenhagen, saved sloop  
09/04/1875Steam tug VIXEN, of North Shields, assisted to save tug and8 
04/03/1870Brig EMULOUS, of Middlesborough, saved5 
22/10/1869Ship WILLIAM FOTHRINGHAM, of New York, assisted to save vessel &18 
First RNLI Lifeboat
09/04/1868Brigantine AGENORIA, of Lowestoft, saved5 
04/12/1867Brig WILD ROSE, of Brixham, stood by  
22/12/1864Brig CORNELIA of Bayonne, newspaper report, not in station record.11 
22/09/1862Schooner OTTO HERMANN, gave help - newspaper report, not on station record  
Second Lifeboat
13/05/1853Schooner PROVIDENCE of Stockholm, landed crew, newspaper report, not in station record.  
22/11/1840Brig LEANDER OF Whitby, newspaper report, not in station service record.5 
01/11/1839Galliot ELIZABETH JACOBI TROMP, of Holland7 
28/10/1839Brig ACHILLES, of South Shields, saved8 
28/12/1836Service to JONGE RANGER, report in newspaper but not in service record.3 
25/12/1836Service to the schooner EAGLE of Edinburgh, newspaper report, not in station record, unknown number saved.  
18/02/1836Steamship TRENT, of North Shields, saved  
First Lifeboat
21/10/1825LIBERTY, of Boston, saved3 
13/10/1824Brig EQUITY, of Scarborough, saved1 
31/10/1823Brig ESTHER, of Shields, saved12 
23/03/1815HARRIOT AND CHARLOTTE, newspaper report - not in service record, saved1 
20/05/1811Brig YAR, newspaper report, no official record, lives saved unknown.  
04/11/1810ANNA of Sunderland, saved15