Cromer Inshore Lifeboat Station

DateCasualtyLives SavedMore
D-734 George and Muriel
08/03/2018Fishing vessel IRENE D II, 1 person and craft brought in PHOTO
18/08/2017Windsurfer rescued by Cromer RNLI PHOTO
28/07/2017Kayaks, 2 people and craft brought in2PHOTO
14/07/2017Fishing vessel LADY LAURA, gave help PHOTO
06/07/2017Motor cruiser DOUBLE TROUBLE, gave help  
28/05/2017Assisted the ambulance service with a medivac from the east beach PHOTO
28/09/2016Yacht BITE THE BULLET, gave help  
24/09/2016Jet ski, 1 person and craft brought in PHOTO
10/07/20162 people fallen from Cromer Pier, saved2 
05/01/2016Fishing vessel IRENE D II, 2 people and craft brought in MAP
29/05/2015Yacht RUBY, gave help MAP, PHOTO
04/04/2015Fishing vessel CANDY, 2 people and craft brought in MAP, PHOTO
23/10/2013Fishing vessel GRACE ELIZABETH, escorted  
02/10/2013Fishing vessel LISA DIANE, 1 person and craft brought in  
04/07/2013Person under pier, 1 person landed  
21/06/2013Fishing boat, 3 people and craft brought in  
21/06/2013Kayak, 1 person and craft brought in  
29/04/2013Fishing vessel RORY JAMES, gave help  
22/04/2013Person under the pier, 1 person landed  
13/01/20134 people cut off by the tide, gave help  
D-755 PEGGY D - Relief Lifeboat
21/08/2012Yacht MUCH OBLIGED, gave help  
D-734 George and Muriel
23/07/2012Jet ski under tow, escorted craft  
16/06/2012Fishing vessel SAMARA, landed an injured man  
16/03/2012Fishing vessel RORY JAMES, 1 person and craft brought in  
11/05/2011Injured woman, gave help  
17/07/2010Kite surfer, saved1 
D-436 Chloe - Capsize Training ILB
23/08/2009Inflatable dinghy, escorted craft  
D-568 Seahorse III
14/06/2009Assisted to land buoy  
08/06/2009Fishing vessel CARA MARIE, gave help  
24/08/2008Inflatable dinghy, escorted craft  
01/08/2008Rowing boat, escorted craft  
29/06/2008Powerboat SILVERLINE, gave help  
14/06/2008Fishing vessel REAP, 1 person and craft brought in  
16/05/2008Fishing vessel JAYNE MARIE, 1 person and craft brought in  
04/05/2008Fishing vessel LISA DIANE, 1 person and craft brought in  
04/02/2008Fishing vessel LISA DIANE, 1 person and craft brought in  
D-509 John Kennedy - Relief
12/08/2007Inflatable rings, rings brought in  
11/08/2007Inflatable dinghies, 2 people and craft brought in  
28/06/2007Fishing vessel GRACE ELIZABETH, 1 person and craft brought in  
24/06/2007Tug HT BLADE, gave help  
D-568 Seahorse III
27/02/2007Fishing vessels LISA DIANE and CANDY, 3 people and craft brought in  
28/12/2006Person in the sea, saved1 
28/07/2006Jet ski,1 person and craft brought in  
13/07/2006Fishing vessel STAR, 2 people and craft brought in  
D-485 Stafford with Rugeley - Relief
01/09/2005Swimmers, one person brought in  
D-568 Seahorse III
28/04/2005Fishing vessel, 2 people and craft brought in  
15/08/2004Inflatable dinghies, craft brought in  
15/08/2004Swimmers, escorted swimmers  
07/08/2004Person drowning, gave help - escorted swimmer to shore  
01/08/2004Fishing vessel, 1 person and craft brought in  
28/06/2004Tender to yacht SULI SULI, 1 person landed and craft brought in  
06/06/2004Sick man, person landed  
01/05/2004Fishing vessel IMPULSIVE, 2 people and craft brought in  
11/04/2004Person at risk on the pier, 1 person landed  
05/08/2003Windsurfer, one person and craft brought in  
28/07/2003Inflatable dinghy, craft brought in  
11/07/2003Fishing vessel CARRIE ANN, one person and craft brought in  
31/05/2003Two children trapped under pier, assisted to save2 
11/05/2003Motor boat ALALI, five people and craft brought in  
14/08/2002Person ill on beach, gave help  
D-465 Palmer Bayer - Relief
17/07/2002Dead seal in water, gave help  
10/07/2002Sick crewman on board survey vessel COMMANDER SUBSEA, 1 person brought in  
D-568 Seahorse III
25/08/2001Inflatable, craft brought in  
15/08/2001Inflatable dinghy, craft brought in  
15/08/2001Speedboats, gave help  
29/07/2001Jet ski, One person and craft brought in  
D-436 Chloe
12/06/2001Dog in sea, gave help  
07/05/2001Fishing vessel GLADIATOR, gave help  
11/12/2000Sick man on board merchant vessel MARIA, gave help  
17/10/2000Man stranded on beach, gave help  
25/08/2000Person in danger of drowning, assisted to save1 
D-439 Phyllis Mary - Relief
17/06/2000Surfboard, one person and board brought in  
14/05/2000Person overboard from jet ski, saved1 
08/03/2000Speedboat JUST CHASING P, one person and craft brought in  
D-436 Chloe
03/10/1999Yacht LADY PATIENCE, gave help  
02/10/1999Two people in the sea, assisted to save1 
18/08/1999Jet ski, 2 people landed and craft brought in  
06/08/1998Conveyed sick youth from beach to ambulance  
24/08/1997Speedboat SPEEDY, three people and craft brought in  
24/07/1997Rubber dinghy, landed 2 and craft brought in  
D-419 Sarah Helena - Relief
09/07/1997Sheringham Atlantic 75 B-702, gave help  
09/07/1997Fishing vessel LAURA ANN, gave help  
12/05/1997Motor boat, one person and craft brought in  
D-436 Chloe
20/08/1996Injured youth at Cromer Lighthouse, landed an injured youth  
09/06/1996Diver support craft, four persons and craft brought in  
02/05/1996Fishing vessel VALERIE THERESA, escorted  
02/04/1996Motor cruiser BRAYWOOD HAWK, landed sick man and gave help  
06/10/1995Canoe, saved boat and1 
26/09/1995Fishing boat MEL-Y-MOR, landed 3 and craft brought in  
31/07/1995Two persons over board from jet ski, landed 2 and saved jet ski  
24/07/1995Sailboard, landed 1 and brought in board  
24/06/1995Fishing boats, escorted  
28/05/1995Speedboat, landed 3 and craft brought in  
02/10/1994Speedboat, landed 2 and craft brought in  
10/09/1994Dog in sea, saved dog  
10/09/1994Man overboard from jet ski, saved jet ski and1 
13/08/1994Sailboard, saved board and1 
12/09/1993Motor boat INFIELD DIVER, landed craft  
03/09/1993Rig SIR ROBERT McALPINE, landed 2  
19/08/1992Bather, saved1 
D-307 Spirit of Round Table
05/08/1992Motor boat TRITON, landed craft  
17/07/1992Jet ski, landed craft  
10/11/1991Fishing vessel NORFOLK GIRL, landed 1  
15/08/1991Rubber dinghy, saved craft  
02/08/1991Motor boat, landed craft  
30/07/1991Fishing vessel NORFOLK GIRL, saved craft and3 
21/07/1991Swimmers, landed 2  
29/06/1991Fishing vessel, stood by  
11/04/1991Motor boar, landed 2  
06/04/1991Sailboard, landed 1  
30/08/1990Rig, gave help  
20/08/1990Sailboard, saved board and1 
18/06/1990Motor boat, escorted  
02/05/1990Swimmer, saved1 
17/08/1989Sailboard, saved board and1 
15/08/1989Animal in sea, gave help  
13/08/1989Sailboard, saved board  
08/08/1989Sailboard, saved board and1 
21/06/1989Fishing vessel, escorted  
21/06/1989Fishing vessel, escorted  
31/05/1989Cabin cruiser, gave help  
30/05/1989Fishing vessel, escorted  
22/05/1989Fishing vessel CHARLES PERKINS, landed craft  
04/09/1988Sailboard, escorted  
17/07/1988Missing divers, landed 3  
10/07/1988Rubber dinghy, saved boat  
22/09/1987Cargo vessel FUNK, gave help  
22/09/1987Cargo vessel FUNK, gave help  
20/08/1987Sailboard, saved board and1 
11/08/1987Dinghy, gave help  
25/07/1987Two fishing vessels, escorted vessels  
10/05/1987Motor cruiser CANDY II, gave help  
29/08/1986Fishing boat SALLY ELIZABETH, stood by boat  
29/08/1986Fishing boat JONATHAN JAMES, escorted boat  
18/08/1986Fishing boat, escorted boat  
17/08/1986Man fallen from cliff, stood by  
04/08/1986Rubber dinghy, saved boat  
23/07/1986Sailing dinghy, saved boat and3 
13/07/1986Canoe, saved boat  
D-173 - Relief
29/09/1985Motor boat D G M, gave help  
22/08/1985Dinghy OSPREY, gave help  
19/08/1985Fishing boat KATHLEEN, gave help  
19/08/1985Cabin cruiser MOBY DICK, gave help  
D-307 Spirit of Round Table
15/08/1985Two rafts, gave help  
15/08/1985Sailboard, saved board and1 
14/08/1985Raft, saved raft  
13/08/1985Sailing dinghy, gave help  
12/08/1985Rafts, saved21 
11/08/1985Sailing dinghy, saved boat and2 
26/07/1985Fishing vessel OUR BOYS, escorted vessel  
21/07/1985Sailing dinghy in tow of speedboat, escorted boats  
21/07/1985Rubber dinghy, gave help  
30/05/1985Yacht DEODATO, gave help  
19/08/1984Rubber dinghy, gave help  
15/08/1984Injured man on board cargo vessel EMILY P G, took out doctor  
12/07/1984Aircraft, recovered wreckage  
08/07/1984Yacht KARELIA, gave help  
24/06/1984Sailboard, escorted board  
10/08/1983Swimmer, saved1 
05/06/1983Two rafts, escorted  
04/05/1983Motor cruiser LADY BARBARA, gave help  
24/10/1982Speedboat, gave help  
29/08/1982Sailboard, saved board  
29/08/1982Rubber dinghy, saved boat  
29/08/1982Sailboard, landed 1 and saved board  
06/08/1982Rubber dinghy, gave help  
25/07/1982Motor boat MAISIE, landed 1and gave help  
18/07/1982Rubber dinghy, gave help  
18/07/1982Raft PARCEL EXPRESS, saved2 
18/07/1982Injured man from raft PARCEL EXPRESS, on board support boat, landed 1  
10/04/1982Fishing boats, escorted boats  
24/08/1981Fishing vessel PATERNOSTER, gave help  
22/08/1981Fishing boat DENISE DAVID, escorted boat  
19/08/1981Swimmer, saved1 
15/06/1981Tender to Royal Navy survey vessel HMS ECHO, gave help  
08/06/1981Yacht DUX, gave help  
04/06/1981Dinghy, saved boat and2 
01/06/1981Motorboat TIKI, escorted boat  
01/05/1981Fishing boat GEORGE WILLIAM, saved2 
07/09/1980Airbed, saved1 
07/09/1980Rubber dinghy, saved2 
07/09/1980Rubber dinghy, saved boat and2 
07/09/1980Speedboat SHAKESPEARE, saved boat  
30/08/1980Motor boat BOY JUMMU, escorted boat  
14/08/1980Rubber dinghy, escorted boat  
14/08/1980Swimmer, saved1 
09/08/1980Motor cruiser STAR WIND, gave help  
12/07/1980Yacht TABER, gave help  
D-96 Relief
30/09/1979Canoe, saved canoe and1 
16/09/1979Sailing dinghy, saved boat and2 
28/08/1979Man fallen from cliff, gave help  
06/08/1979Speedboat, gave help  
22/07/1979Cargo vessel FREDERIKA, gave help  
16/07/1979Motor cruiser SNOW GOOSE II, gave help  
06/07/1979Swimmer, saved1 
11/06/1979Motor launch ENTERPRISE, gave help  
28/05/1979Yacht LOTUS, gave help  
09/07/1978Injured man on board cargo vessel CAMILLA WESTON, landed 1  
09/07/1978Cargo vessel CAMILLA WESTON, gave help  
25/06/1978Catamaran, saved boat and2 
30/10/1977Inflatable dinghy, saved boat and5 
29/08/1977Dinghy, saved1 
16/08/1977Gemini tender to HM submarine SEA LION, saved boat and2 
14/08/1977Air bed, gave help  
14/08/1977HM submarine SEA LION, landed 2  
12/08/1977HM submarine SEA LION, landed 22  
23/07/1977Inflatable dinghy, gave help  
23/07/1977Sailing dinghy, saved boat and2 
05/06/1977Yacht CAMPERIAN, gave help  
19/04/1977Rowing boat, gave help  
12/09/1976Rafts, gave help  
05/09/1976Rafts, gave help  
15/08/1976Sailing dinghy, saved boat and2 
13/08/1976Dinghy, escorted boat  
15/07/1976Sailing dinghy GURGLE, saved boat and2 
11/07/1976Yacht, gave help  
11/07/1976Yacht, gave help  
06/07/1976Swimmer, saved1 
17/08/1975Dinghy, gave help  
10/08/1975Dinghy, saved2 
10/07/1975Dinghy, saved3 
15/06/1975Dinghy, gave help  
30/09/1974Landed an injured man  
10/08/1974Canoe, saved boat and2 
04/06/1974Injured man on board dredger MARINEX V, landed an injured man  
01/06/1974Motor fishing vessel, gave help  
05/10/1973Motor fishing vessel, gave help  
11/09/1973Bather in difficulty, saved1 
07/08/1973Motor dinghy, saved boat and4 
04/06/1973Cabin cruiser, escorted boat  
17/04/1973Motor cruiser JUBILEE, gave help  
24/07/1972Canoe, saved canoe and1 
10/08/1971Cabin cruiser ZIPPALONG, gave help  
07/08/1971Canoe, landed 1  
24/07/1971Dinghy, saved dinghy and1 
19/07/1971Dinghy, saved dinghy and4 
16/07/1971Crab boat, gave help  
13/06/1971Yacht GENTLE NIMBUS, gave help  
13/06/1971Dinghy, gave help and landed 1  
18/10/1970Two fishing boats, escorted boats  
18/10/1970Dinghy LUCY JANE, landed 3 and escorted boat  
18/10/1970Dinghy, escorted boat  
30/06/1970Bather, saved1 
30/08/1968Yacht STILALISANIN, gave help and saved1 
22/08/1968Sailing canoe, gave help  
02/07/1968Bathers, saved2 
30/06/1968Catamaran, gave help  
22/06/1968Bather, saved1 
03/06/1968Dinghy, gave help  
15/05/1968Injured man on board motor fishing boat ALLISON JANE, gave help