D-734 George and Muriel - 14 Jul, 2017

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Inshore Lifeboat Station14/07/201714/07/2017n/a
Fishing vessel LADY LAURA, gave help

A call came through just before 06 00 to launch the inshore lifeboat George and Muriel to go and assist a local fishing boat with two crew on board.

Immediately the lifeboat crews assembled to launch the boat. After being towed by the tractor crossing the shingle banks onto the beach, the RNLI lifeboat was soon in the water.

With the wind breezing from a westerly direction at a force of 2 -3 knots, the lifeboat was soon heading to approximately half a mile off the pier. It was agreed to tow the fishing boat back to the shore and by 06 55 both boats were back to Cromer.

The Inshore Lifeboat was then cleaned down, rehoused and made ready for its next call out.

Billy Gaff (one of the fishermen) said, ' I am very impressed by the work performed by the ILB and Cromer RNLI Station as a whole. As a local I am aware of the help and support the RNLI give to those in need'

Boat Crew:  Adrian Woods, David Syer, Tim Ballard
Shore Crew:  Graeme 'G' Stallard, John Redmond, Steve Guest

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