D-734 George and Muriel - 28 May, 2017

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StationLaunchedReturnedLives Saved
Inshore Lifeboat Station28/05/201728/05/2017n/a
Assisted the ambulance service with a medivac from the east beach

Cromer’s Inshore Lifeboat was called out at 15 35 to assist HM Coastguard in transporting a casualty back to Cromer Esplanade. A person had fallen and sustained an injury about three quarters of a mile from the promenade.

Cromer beach was very busy with visitors on a hot day, so to ensure the casualty was handed over to an ambulance as soon as possible, it was agreed that the inshore lifeboat ‘George and Muriel’ be launched.

The boat crew were soon on the scene and after initial triage, the casualty was soon on board and on their way to the waiting ambulance. Once another assessment was completed then the ambulance left the scene to go to the hospital.

Richard Leeds, Cromer’s Lifeboat Operations Manager said, ‘This was an excellent example of all the emergency services working efficiently together. We all knew the role we had to do and our RNLI training prepares us for these types of emergency’
By 1640 the inshore lifeboat had been cleaned down and made ready for its next callout.

Boat Crew:  Mark Southgate, Vernon Hoare, Alex Royall, David Syer
Shore Crew:  Graeme 'G' Stallard, John Redmond, Kevin Johnson, Steve Guest

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