ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat - 13 Jan, 2016

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Number One Station13/01/201613/01/2016n/a
At 05 20 the coaster Elbetor broadcast a mayday signal. A fire in crew accommodation had been discovered and was getting out of control. With a crew of 7 persons on board, a helicopter was alerted and Cromer's all weather boat Lester was asked to launch.

By 06 20 the Lester was alongside the wheat carrying coaster which was approximately 7 miles off shore. With a moderate sea state and the wind gusting at 5 to 6 knots in a north westerly direction, conditions were not expected to improve. At 06 15 the helicopter had arrived and Humberside maritime fire crew was on its way.

Cromer's lifeboat continued to monitor the situation and remained within reach of taking the coaster crew and fire men off if necessary. With the fire soon under control but with a lot of smoke, the fire crews then discovered hot spots which had to be dealt with urgently.
By 15 10 the situation was under control and it was agreed that the coaster could slowly make her way to Yarmouth and continue to Rotterdam the next day. The RNLI crew from Cromer were advised they could stand down and once the 12 firemen were transferred to the lifeboat, it could return to Cromer for re-housing. At 15 50, it reached the boathouse and all the maritime fire equipment unloaded ready for a return to Humberside. Lester was rehoused, cleaned down and soon made ready for its next service.

John Davies, RNLI Coxswain for Cromer's RNLI Lifeboat, says: 'A fire at sea is the worst scene possible to be called too. Working together with the maritime fire service resolved a situation where there weren't any injuries and least damage to the coaster. The professionalism of all those involved reflected the high levels of training we receive'.

Boat Crew:  Chris Key, David Syer, John Davies, Martin Steward, Paul Watling, Pete Stokes
Shore Crew:  Chris Gill, Darren Jones, Graeme 'G' Stallard, John Redmond, Mark Southgate, Paul Russell, Rose Syer, Steve Guest

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